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Welcome to the Resource Center

Whether it is a few minutes each month or several hours per week, if you work with youth–these resources are designed to flexibly work within your organization and specific needs.

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“By promoting mental wellness at a young age, Believe in You is helping tackle substance abuse issues before they begin. I am optimistic about the impact this program will have on Indiana youth and on our communities!”

Suzanne Crouch
Lieutenant Governor of Indiana

Believe in You Resources

Depending on your specific needs, the following programming options are available:

Package 1: Full Programming

Educators and
Classroom Settings

Civic and Community Leaders and Programmers

Don’t know if the full program is the right fit? You have options!

Package 2: Text Campaign and Self-Led Programming

Encourage youth to opt-in to the text campaign.

Even without a sponsor, youth can still follow along with self-led programming – including weekly texts, videos, and reflection prompts.

Join today. Text BEYOU to 877.861.6807.

Package 3: Social Media Campaign

Think social media may be the best way to engage youth in your organization?

Encourage your youth to follow and engage with Believe in You on TikTok where they can easily access clips from the Believe in You video portal.

  • Follow @BelieveInUToday on TikTok!
  • Watch the videos
  • Engage and interact